am Szymon Mikulicz.

I am an open source maniac and an all-around self-diagnosed weirdo. Currently I am doing a Phd in mechanical engineering on the AGH UST and work at Nokia as a software engineer. My research is centered around signal processing and audio in general.

I enjoy creating and analyzing complicated software. The kind that makes you look and wonder "I don't know how it works, I don't know why it works and I don't even imagine why would any sane person write this. This is insane and I love it!"

LATEX is the greatest example of a language that is designed for evil. Nothing is simple when you typeset, everything can be just a tiny bit better by spending additional hours to perfect it. It feeds on perfectionism and eats away your time. You are rewarded for your time when you look at the space that you've been working on for the whole night, the difference between the current version and the version from a few hours ago is barely perceptible, but you know deep inside that it's just as wide as it should be. Perfectly.

Checkout what I do except typesetting: design, program, listen. I also play music, bake bread and read, these may or may not appear here someday. Hope you like what you see.

Want to contact me? Direct your mail to szymon.mikulicz at posteo.net